When the king salmon bite is on, there’s nothing like fishing Alaska’s Nushagak River. Touted as the best king salmon river in Alaska, likely the world, our Alaska King Salmon Adventures camp is situated in a secluded place, among the best fishing holes on the Nushagak River, and far from other camps. It’s remote, but cozy, and the king salmon fishing, second to none!

Here’s a taste of what fishing for prized king salmon in Alaska is all about. For many years we’ve been hosting anglers from around the world at our secluded, breathtaking camp on the Nushagak River, which receives the largest run of king salmon in Alaska.

On Alaska’s Nushagak River, you won’t find big, fancy lodges, because tent camps are the rule. In our plush camp in remote Alaska, we provide all the luxuries you could ask for, and then some! And the fishing for King Salmon on the Nushagak River, right out our door, is second to none!

Reaching our remote king salmon camp on Alaska’s Nushagak River is easy!

What makes the Alaska King Salmon Adventures fishing camp in remote Alaska so special? See for yourself…

Here’s an idea of what to pack when it comes time to fish with us at Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the breathtaking, world-famous, Nushagak River.

Folks go home with a lot of fish when leaving our camp and are always asking about recipes. Here’s a seafood stuffed salmon recipe that’s sure to be a hit!

There are different ways to wrap plugs when fishing for salmon. Here, Austin Moser, one of our top guides, shares one way he likes to wrap plugs when backtrolling for king salmon, be it in Alaska or in the Pacific Northwest.

Cured salmon eggs are one of the best natural baits there is when it comes to catching salmon. Whether driftfishing, backtrolling, backbouncing or more, having well-cured eggs is important for success. The perfect cured eggs starts with proper egg removal and bleeding the skeins. Here’s an egg removal option from one of our noted guides, Austin Moser.

When wrapping your plugs with bait, take the time to clean them. Salmon have an incredible sense of smell, and keeping your terminal gear as clean as possible is essential to catching more fish. Here, guide, Austin Moser shares a plug cleaning tip that works great for us in Alaska, and wherever we fish for salmon.

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