Fly Fishing for Kings.

So you want to fish for Kings? On a fly rod? While some may associate king fishing with heavy leaders, ounces of lead, and big gobs of roe for bait. I picture long two handed spey rods, sink [...]

Wash Those Salmon Plugs!

On Alaska’s Nushagak River, we do a lot of plug fishing for king salmon. Whether we’re backtrolling plugs for king salmon or trolling plugs in tidally influenced parts of the river for king [...]

Salmon Tacos

At Alaska King Salmon Adventures, we get a lot of anglers taking home a lot of Alaskan salmon. Between the king salmon, sockeye salmon, fresh chum salmon and coho salmon, sometimes anglers are [...]

Accessory Racks For Your Boat

One of the biggest time savers when on the water is having easy access to such things as knives, scissors, pliers and a file. If you have to dig through your tackle box every time you need one of [...]

Smoked Salmon Candy

At Alaskan King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River, we get a lot of anglers who go home with a lot of king salmon early in the season and many silver salmon later in the summer. One of the [...]

Salmon Scents

At Alaska King Salmon Adventures, we’re big advocates of using quality scents in order to catch more salmon. Even though we’re salmon fishing on the Nushagak River–one of the world’s best when it [...]

Lomi Lomi Salmon

There’s nothing like summer in Alaska. Sunshine and warm, long, days, are what make the Last Frontier so special. Well, except for this summer. This summer has been wet, windy and, uh, not too [...]