One of the biggest time savers when on the water is having easy access to such things as knives, scissors, pliers and a file. If you have to dig through your tackle box every time you need one of these tools, or take time out from your fishing to pass an item to a buddy, you’re loosing valuable time during the course of the day.  Instead, make an effort to have them handy and within reach at a moment’s notice.

One of the accessories racks we like to use at Alaska King Salmon Adventures–whether we’re salmon fishing on the Nushagak River, or elsewhere–is a simple rack that bolts to the transom. The rack is made from white UHMW, a thick plastic material that withstands the elements. Carved into the four-inch wide, ten-inch long (or whatever size you like) rack, are six to eight slots. Each slot is sized to specifically fit the aforementioned tools.

These racks can be screwed on to virtually anywhere you desire, be it in a sled or drift boat, and their size can vary to meet your personal needs. To figure out where one will best meet your needs, assess where you spend the most time in your boat, especially when it comes to fighting and landing fish, and retying riggings. These are the times you most likely need such tools that may otherwise be hard to reach, and having easy access to them is important. At Alaska King Salmon Adventures, we advocate having two or three racks mounted in the boat, one for you, one for the passengers.

By having a pair of scissors handy, you’re less likely to bite line with your teeth. At the same time, a file within easy reach will find you sharpening hooks much more frequently. As for pliers, they’re always in need and should be easy to access, too.

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