AKSA has an exciting announcement for the 2014 season!

In the past, AKSA offered only dual occupancy accommodations, but many families and groups expressed interest in staying together. For the first time, groups or families of up to 6 will have the option to stay together, under one roof on a Nushagak River fishing trip. The new space will be arranged like the rest of our guest Weatherports, along the ridge overlooking the Nushagak River. The new group Weatherport will be equipped with a permanent floor, beds, and heat on demand.

The new group accommodations, in addition to the regular dual occupancy Weatherports, will allow us to better serve our clients needs. “We want to be sure to provide everyone who visits Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River the experience they desire. Some of our visitors come as larger groups and simply want to be accommodated under the same roof,” said lodge owner, Scott Weedman.

We look forward to the upcoming season. Let us know how we can help plan your 2014 Nushagak River Salmon fishing trip.

Thanks and tight lines,


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