You hear folks talk about the “best Salmon fishing in Alaska” and here’s an examply of why the Nushagak River is far and away the undisputed champion. In this video Alaska King Salmon Advenures, Dave Lee and fishing professional, Lance Fisher set out to see how many different ways they can catch fish on the Nushagak.

Over the course of a short day and lot’s of different types of water, Dave and Lance proceed in putting the hurt on over two dozen Kings and Chum. From backbouncing to bobber fishing, boon dooging, spinner fishing and possibly a couple made up techniques in between, the fun just keeps on happening on the Nush!

This video shows the action on the Chum and Kings/Chinook Salmon, but the Nushagak River is also famous for it’s Sockeye/Reds and Coho/Silver Salmon. The Nushagak District receives over 8 million Sockeye annually and hundreds of thousands of Coho/Silvers. The King/Chinook run regularly comes in over 100,000 and the Chum arrive in a 300,000 fish army. All of this happens between June and August on the Nushagak making the river the best Salmon fishing in Alaska?

Need more evidence? On the Kenai Chinook/King runs are under 50,000 and at times are as low as 15,000. Sockeye on the Kenai total around 1.5 million and we haven’t even gotten into the number of people!

The Nushagak River is a remote river. It’s conveniently serviced by flying a jet to Dillingham which is just a 50 minute flight from Anchorage. From the Dillingham airport, you simply walk 100 feet to the neighboring terminal and jump on the float plane at Fresh Water Adventures to enjoy a beautiful twenty minute flight to Alaska King Salmon Adventures. There are a couple tribal villages and a runway in Portage Creek, but you’re about 60 miles away from the nearest road system.

The remoteness coupled with the quality of the Nushagak River Salmon habitat is why you can safely say that the Nushagak River offers the best Salmon fishing in Alaska.

For more information on your trip to the Nush email us or call 877.534.7466.

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