A mild Spring has everyone chomping at the bit to get fishing for this years’ run. So what does mild have to do with it? A mild spring means mild temperatures and for migrating Salmon, water temperatures can influence when fish indeed arrive. Last year early arriving fish made for great fishing long before the first guest even arrived to our Nushagak River Salmon Camp. Fish don’t have calendars and really rely on temperature to tell them when it’s time to go.

So why does it matter?

If a Salmon takes off too early into the river, it may not have enough fat reserves to be able to spawn when a mate is available. This coupled with the fact that eggs need certain temperatures to be able to incubate then hatch. If they arrive to late, it’s really the same pitfall, no mates and decreased temperatures to hatch the eggs, so timing is of uptmost importance.

We’re less than two week out from another incredible season on the Nushagak and it’s news like this that makes waiting all the harder. Our crews are hard at work getting camp together for yet another world-class fishing year on the Nushagak.

We’re not the only ones excited. Check out the latest article from the Bristol Bay Times: Nushagak River The Last Great King Fishery?


Finally, we certainly wish we were there, but the Blessing of the Fleet occurred in Dilingham this past week. Check out the Blessing of the Fleet write up here.

“The Sailor’s Prayer: We As Your Blessings” by Priscilla Skrade

We are gathering together by the shores of Bristol Bay;

We come to ask your blessings on our fishers and our fleet.

As we stand in quiet harmony and bow our heads to pray;

We bring our open hearts and law them humbly at your feet.

We ask your blessings on the fishers going to sea.

We ask your blessings on each one’s family.

We ask your blessings in the wind and in the rain

We ask you father, bring the safely home again.

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A photo of a barge navigating the Nushagak River