Most know Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River for it’s gear fishing. You know, back bouncing, the dragging of eggs, huge take downs on Kwikfish and any other way that we can think of catching them on the Nush.

Many guests and prospective visitors however, don’t realize how good the fly fishing is at the home of Alaska’s best King Salmon fishing. It’s easy to envision once you think about it, that the best gear fishing in Alaska could also translate into possibly the best fly fishing in Alaska. But many don’t even consider it as fly fishing for King Salmon is simply unheard of in most areas that Salmon live.

a beautiful fly caught nushagak river king salmon

King Salmon unlike many of their Salmon cousins, tend to gravitate towards the deeper reaches of rivers. Often times these holes are just too difficult to get a fly down into and as a result, fly fishermen don’t even try. The Nushagak offers some unique characteristics  that lends itself well to the fly fisherman that’s looking to catch the biggest and baddest Salmon on the planet. Although there are numerous very deep stretches on the Nushagak, there are also tons of gravel bars that Nushagak River Kings love to navigate. These gently tapered gravel bars are fabulous areas to swing a fly and experience the grab of your lifetime.

a woman with a gorgeous king she caught swinging flys on the nushagak river in alaska

Because most of the camps that focus on fly fishing are located 100 miles up stream, our fly fishing guests compete with few if any people for the best runs on the lower river. Remember, these fish are just out of tide water and fresh as can be! We’ve had numerous fly fishermen visit us over the years and all have agreed that the fly fishing at Alaska King Salmon Adventures is second to none.

In addition to the Kings, although not as prestigious of  a catch, but abundant and great fighters, the Nushagak receives hundreds of thousands of Chum Salmon. The Chum tend to hang out a little shallower and are a great fish for those just starting in the sport. The Chum are very aggressive and will track down a fly from 10′ away just to let it know who is boss. The wake that’s created by the Chum that’s about to teach your fly a lesson is pretty cool and once you’re hooked up, the experience gets even better.

a chrome bright king salmon about to be released back into the waters of the Nushagak River

Fly fishing for Salmon on the Nushagak River is considered some of the best in the world. So if you’re looking for an experience that will put you in the thick of the largest King Salmon run in Alaska, come visit Alaska King Salmon Adventures.

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