Anyone who’s been to AKSA knows that we put a tremendous amount of value on our staff. These are the guys and gals that make the wheels go around and ultimately are the face of Alaska King Salmon Adventures. One of our greatest blessings is that so many of our staff have decided to return year after year. It’s good for AKSA and most importantly, it’s great for our customers.

One of AKSA’s top guides is Idaho native Tony Capdebosq. Tony will be joining us again this year for what will be his 7th season. The best guides returning year after year is a bit of an anomaly, but Tony makes his reasons for returning sound pretty simple. “Alaska King Salmon Adventures offers the best equipment, nicest accommodations and has one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. I look forward to meeting the new folks that visit us and of course then we get to see old friends too.”

A big Nushagak River Salmon


It’s good to know that the professional guides that work with AKSA are looking for the same thing our customers are. Great equipment, accommodations and lots of friends. But what about the fishing? Tony had this to say for anyone looking at possibly joining us for 2014. “I’ve pretty much seen the rest of it, but the Nushagak River is the best King Salmon fishing on planet earth.” I’d say this says volumes.

Thanks Tony! We’ll see you on the NUSH in 2014!

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A Nushagak River Salmon taking a bite food on the nushagak river