Steaming hot coffee in hand, breakfast waiting in the chaffing dishes and a gorgeous morning. That’s how most days start at Alaska King Salmon Adventures, everyone getting ready for a long day of fishing on the Nushagak River. The past few days at AKSA have been absolutely beautiful. Everyday the sun has been shining showing off the beautiful landscape that Alaska has to offer.

Our last group of 24 enjoyed a fire every night after fishing. We had some clients from Lithuania and Russia who were professional Russian choir singers and every night they’d share their talent around the fire. It was unique how so many different groups really became one big group over the four days they were here. It wasn’t just a fishing camp it was a community full of friends sharing laughter and fun while enjoying the amazing fishing on the Nush. With the past group we achieved the biggest numbers this far in the season. Boats were landing an average of 50 fish per boat per day and landing almost all high 20 pounders and some low and mid 30 pounders our largest was weighed at 35.5lbs. Almost all the kings were caught with eggs using the dragging technique.

Alaska King Salmon Adventures is great for fishing, that’s just understood; but it’s also a great place to meet great people. We always have a great time while it’s on the water or land.

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