The fillet table at AKSA’s camp saw a lot of blood on Tuesday. It was our first day having clients in camp and it couldn’t have gone better. The floatplane arrived June 17, 2014 at around 10am with our first load of guests: a few from Arizona, some from Texas, one from Washington and another from Oregon. After taking their luggage to their rooms we met them in the dining hall with lunch ready. As the customers ate we got their Alaska fishing licenses together. It didn’t take long for them to suit up in their rain gear and hit the river, itching for that rod in hand and that king hooked. After the other floatplane arrived with our other set of customers we had the same set up for them: lunch, licenses, gear up and hit the river.


When they arrive back to camp around 6pm they all had a boat full of king and chum. Everyone got at least one fish with the fish averaging 20 pounds or more. There were smiles and high fives all around the beach. One by one the fish were filleted and vacuum packed and organized in the freezer. While the fish were being processed customers enjoyed the fire in the dining area as they waited for dinner. Conversation and fishing stories from the day filled the room. Dinner was served and our chef David had prepared pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns, baked beans, homemade coleslaw and the most amazing dessert called ‘floating islands’ a meringue soufflé with egg whites and shaved almonds on a bed of vanilla Crème Anglaise.


After dinner and a long day of fishing some clients relaxed by the fire pit, some in the rec room, others bank fished from the beach. The early fishing is as good as we’ve seen it in years. Can you say 30-40 Kings per day, per boat and it’s all happening in the waters right around camp. We think safe to say, “it’s been a great start to the Nushagak River fishing season!”


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