A week and a half ago the Alaska King Salmon Adventures work crew made their way to the Nushagak River to set up camp. It’s incredible how much work is put into building a camp for just a month of fishing but once you get out on the water it makes it all worth it.

Nushagak River

The Alaska King Salmon Adventures camp is located in the heart of the Nushagak River. Its amazing how connected to nature it is yet still provides the luxuries that make life easier, such as; warm showers, comfortable sleeping areas, amazing food, and internet (although you won’t feel the need to be on it). It’s not unlikely to be walking through camp and see a critter running right past you. This past week we have spotted moose, a bear, bald eagles and even a porcupine.


We spot most of the animals while fishing. I grew up in Oregon and have had some amazing opportunities to catch a lot of fish but nothing like here on the Nushagak. It’s still a little early but the river has already proved to me that this is by far the best fishing I’ve ever seen. The other night a few of us from camp took a break from working and joined Dave Lee for a night of fishing. It was impressive how well he knew the river and how easily he could put us in the right spot to make a killing, which is what happened. “Fish on, Fish On!” echoed all night while we were out on the water. Certain areas we were fishing have nicknames like ‘the funnel’ and ‘Giant Stadium’ all we had to do was let out our quick fish with a little sardine belly and wait. David who is our chef at camp reeled in the fish of the day weighing in at 32.5 lbs.

King Salmon

It has been great being on the Nushagak and I cant wait to see what else this place has to offer.


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A photo of a barge navigating the Nushagak River