Salmon Scents

At Alaska King Salmon Adventures, we’re big advocates of using quality scents in order to catch more salmon. Even though we’re salmon fishing on the Nushagak River–one of the world’s best when it [...]

Lomi Lomi Salmon

There’s nothing like summer in Alaska. Sunshine and warm, long, days, are what make the Last Frontier so special. Well, except for this summer. This summer has been wet, windy and, uh, not too [...]

Bleed That Fish For The Best Taste!

Here at Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River in Alaska, people come from around the world to not only experience the thrills of king salmon fishing, but also to take home some of [...]

Poached Fish

At Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River, we cook a lot of fish, many different ways. Poaching fish is one of the most fool-proof ways to prepare it, especially fish like Arctic [...]

Backbouncing For King Salmon

There are a lot of ways to fish for king salmon in Alaska, or wherever they are found. Backtrolling plugs, dragging bait, drift fishing and working baits suspended beneath a float are just some [...]

Salmon Cakes

Fresh fish is always the best but what do you do when you have a surplus?  Smoking, canning and freezing are all great options but all yield very different end results.  With those monster [...]

Egg Cures: Step 1-Proper Handling

Salmon eggs could be the most effective and widely used natural bait in the world of river fishing for salmon and steelhead. With fall salmon season upon us, now is a good time to plan ahead in [...]

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