Organize Your Boat To Catch More King Salmon

While we do catch salmon from shore, right at camp in Alaska, most of the king salmon we catch on the Nushagak River are from a boat. Because king salmon often travel and hold in schools, when [...]

Backbouncing For King Salmon

There are a lot of ways to fish for king salmon in Alaska, or wherever they are found. Backtrolling plugs, dragging bait, drift fishing and working baits suspended beneath a float are just some [...]

Salmon Cakes

Fresh fish is always the best but what do you do when you have a surplus?  Smoking, canning and freezing are all great options but all yield very different end results.  With those monster [...]

Egg Cures: Step 1-Proper Handling

Salmon eggs could be the most effective and widely used natural bait in the world of river fishing for salmon and steelhead. With fall salmon season upon us, now is a good time to plan ahead in [...]

Featured story on Cabela’s Tackle Shop website

“Catching King Salmon & More, on Alaska’s Nushagak River” by Scott Haugen Looking for the perfect Alaskan fishing vacation? Consider the Nushagak River, where, in June and [...]

Primitive Nushagak

Primitive Nushagak Story and Photos by Don Roberts Western Outdoors Magazine – February 2001 Right from the outset I am forced to admit failure. The third week of June 2000, I traveled to [...]

Nushagak Kings – Best Of The BEST

Nushagak Kings – Best Of The BEST by Scott Haugen Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine – February 2006 One of the largest predicted king runs in recent years saw anglers hitting [...]

Seafood Stuffed Salmon Recipe

Join noted cookbook author Tiffany Haugen, as she shares a delicious recipe on how to stuff a salmon fillet with seafood and cook it on a pellet grill. People go home with a lot of king salmon [...]

Can Those Kings!

When you head home from fishing with us on the Nushagak River, you’ll be taking with you a lot of salmon. Many people ask us about different ways to cook salmon. The biggest priority when taking [...]

Tips To Catching More Kings

If humans had as strong a sense of smell as salmon, life would not be pretty. Being able to detect odors measured in parts per-billion, salmon are one of nature’s most amazing stories. [...]

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