Primitive Nushagak

Primitive Nushagak Story and Photos by Don Roberts Western Outdoors Magazine – February 2001 Right from the outset I am forced to admit failure. The third week of June 2000, I traveled to [...]

Seafood Stuffed Salmon Recipe

Join noted cookbook author Tiffany Haugen, as she shares a delicious recipe on how to stuff a salmon fillet with seafood and cook it on a pellet grill. People go home with a lot of king salmon [...]

Can Those Kings!

When you head home from fishing with us on the Nushagak River, you’ll be taking with you a lot of salmon. Many people ask us about different ways to cook salmon. The biggest priority when taking [...]

Tips To Catching More Kings

If humans had as strong a sense of smell as salmon, life would not be pretty. Being able to detect odors measured in parts per-billion, salmon are one of nature’s most amazing stories. [...]

In the Spirit of Fly Fishing

Most know Alaska King Salmon Adventures on the Nushagak River for it’s gear fishing. You know, back bouncing, the dragging of eggs, huge take downs on Kwikfish and any other way that we can [...]

Ever wonder how Salmon bite?

Are they hammering it? Fire and brimestone like? Do their teeth grow an extra inch just before they annihilate a bait? I know we all wonder what’s going on down below as our rods get bent [...]

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